Glaucoma Patients Needs Full Evaluation Before LASIK Surgery

Glaucoma patients must go for thorough assessment of visual functional status, corneal thickness, optic nerve status, and a thorough family history, before opting for any refractive procedures- say the experts at a discussion at the East Coast Glaucoma Symposium in New York.

Stephen A. Obstbaum, MD, who led the discussion, in New York also spoke about refractive surgery patients who might develop glaucoma in the future.

"An issue that I think is critically important is that we're dealing with most of the surgeries being done on younger patients — many of whom are, maybe, genetically predisposed to glaucoma, and most of whom have not been identified," said Obstbaum at the discussion.

Speakers at the discussion also said that information thorough records of IOP and central corneal thickness will help surgeons and patients.

Stephen A. Obstbaum also stressed the importance of avoiding, any type of microkeratome suction ring in eyes with optic neuropathy, as the rings are designed to increase IOP, which could lead to visual field loss after refractive procedures.



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