Genuine Tips from Lasik Expert Dr. James Salz for Eye Surgeons to Improve Screening and Reduce the Incidence of Complications

Dr. James Salz ( provided several strategies for eye surgeons to better screen prospective candidates for laser eye surgery in an article entitled “Screening for LASIK: Tips and Techniques” in the July 24, 2006 “Review of Ophthalmology”. These strategies focused on identifying actual abnormalities during the pre-operative work up in the corneal maps and potential issues concerning pupil size.

Dr. James Salz's tips for laser eye surgeons to improve screening and reduce the incidence of complications, includs :

1. Use the proper color scale for corneal maps (topography), which are part of the preoperative workup. This reduces artifacts that are not real abnormalities and makes it easier for laser eye surgeon to interpret true abnormalities.

2. If the corneal maps are suspicious for an abnormality, the surgeon can perform other simple tests to determine if the patient is still a proper candidate for laser eye surgery (either LASIK or PRK). These tests include taking additional thickness readings of the cornea at multiple points, dilating the pupils and checking for abnormal reflexes from a light swept across the pupil, and examining the patient’s prescription history for changes changing indicating the eye is not stable.

3. Pupil size does matter. Carefully measure pupil size in a dark room and discuss in detail the possible increased risk of night vision complaints like halos and glare. This risk can be minimized with customized wavefront based LASIK and by using postoperative drops such as Alphagan at night to reduce pupil size and thus reduce the severity of night vision difficulty.

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To view the article, please go to the article archives at The article was featured in the July 27, 2006 issue of Review of Ophthalmology” (Vol. 6, Issue 28)

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