Free LASIK Surgery for Eye Glass-Wearing Quadriplegics

Contact lenses are a lost option when a person becomes quadriplegic, they have no use of their hands; so dealing with eyeglasses is a persistent aggravation for them.

Now, through the technology of laser eye surgery, and a national program called Focus on Independence, quadriplegic’s life will be a bit easier because it’s been touched by a program to give eyeglass-wearing quadriplegics a little more freedom.

When LASIK was first in general use in the mid-1990s, it was used only to treat low to moderate amounts of nearsightedness.

Now with the help of improved software doctors can treat high degrees of nearsightedness, astigmatism, farsightedness, and almost all sorts of refractive errors for distance .

Focus on Independence, is a program that began in Kansas. After Dr. Daniel Durrie, an ophthalmologist saw how Christopher Reeve (the paralyzed actor who once portrayed Superman) needed to have his wife place his glasses on him so he could present a speech. He recognized that others must have the same difficulty.

Because of the extremely high costs of living as quadriplegic, the plan was to offer the procedure for free.


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