Free Laser Corneal Transplantation for Patients Suffering from Vision Loss Due to Fusarium Keratitis

IntraLase Corp. (Nasdaq:ILSE) announced today that patients requiring corneal transplant surgery resulting from the recentoutbreak of Fusarium Keratitis eye infection can take advantage of the benefits of corneal transplantation with the advanced IntraLase(R) FSLaser free of charge.

Four of the top ophthalmic centers in the country will be providing the laser-enabled corneal transplant procedures, including: The Corneal Research Foundation of America in Indianapolis, TheUniversity of California at Irvine Department of Ophthalmology, Slade and Baker Vision in Houston and Laser Eye Consultants of Boston.

IntraLase Corp. will be donating the use of the laser for Fusarium Keratitis patients throughout 2006. Patients will be responsible for the surgeon and hospital fees associated with the procedure.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of the over 120 patients impacted by the recent outbreak of Fusarium eye infections, 30 percent have required corneal transplants. This represents a four-fold increase in cases reported over the previous year and is largely attributed to use of certain contact lens solution products.

Corneal transplantation has restored sight to thousands who other wise would be blind due to corneal injury, infection, orinherited corneal disease or degeneration. Corneal transplantation replaces a diseased or scarred cornea with a new one by having the central portion of the cornea surgically removed and replaced with corneal tissue donated through an eye bank. In 2005 more than 48,000 corneal transplants were performed in the U.S. Patients can learn moreabout accessing the corneal transplant procedure with the advancedIntraLase FS laser by calling 877-393-2020, ext. 318 or or by contacting one of the provider centersdirectly.About IntraLase Corp.

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  1. Chris Ness Says:

    December of 2006, I contracted impitigo internally which 1 in 15,000 people get it that way, and less than 2% live through it. I have no health insurance and the impitigo infected my left eye. I have a scar on my cornea now, and an eye doctor said I need a cornea transplant. I’m 43 years old and single. I live alone and work as a care-giver. Any help or advice on this condition of my eye, will always be heard. Sincerely, Chris Ness

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