Free eye care camp in Sri Lanka to treat more than 200,000 IDPs

Attention Sri Lankans, Vision 2020 Secretariat of the Healthcare and Nutrition Ministry and the College of Opthalmologists of Sri Lanka has organised a huge program to provide quality eye care services for over 200,000 IDPs at welfare camps in Vavuniya and Cheddikulam.

IDPs are Internally displaced persons, IDPs are people forced to flee their homes but who, unlike refugees, remain within their country's borders.

According to the Healthcare and Nutrition Ministry spokesman, the eye care program will be in operation until the people are relocated in their original homes.

Under this program a team of eye surgeons, doctors and optometrists will visit the camps on June 6. They already conducted a similar service on May 12 covering a large number of IDPs.

A large number of people are in need of reading glasses and they will also be provided reading glasses. The also planed to perform cataract surgeries in a facility close to the Cheddikulam Hospital and implant artificial lenses (Intra Ocular Lenses) in their eyes which will make them come out of blindness.

Organizers are looking forward to conduct the eye care program on a regular two-weekly basis to identify, treat, operate and to refer persons with eye problems.

Further details can be obtained from the Vision 2020 Secretariat of the Healthcare and Nutrition Ministry. The contact number is 0115741815. email

Source: Daily News


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