Free cataract surgery and eyeglasses for Indonesian school teachers

The Denpasar Education Board, in cooperation with the Indonesian Humanitarian Organization (YKI), have arranged a free eye treatment event for elementary school teachers in Denpasar.

The organizars have chosen  some memorable days like Kartini Day on April 21, National Educational Day on May 2 and National Awakening Day on May 20, for the free eye care programme.

The Denpasar Education Board is working like a umbrella organization of the Parents and Teachers Associations of every school in the city.

According to the organizing committee head, Wayan Arjana, the free service was dedicated to teachers who had problems with their eyesight. Now a days eye treatment is very costly, so the committee is  trying their best to help teachers to be honored and properly cared with decent and free treatment.

Eye examination services and 1,000 spectacles were already provided for teachers at the front yard in Rumah Pintar (Smart House)'s front yard, in the Education Board compound on Jl. Kamboja, on Monday and Tuesday.

Cataract operations is the next programme which will be conducted very soon by YKI's ophthalmic surgeon, Wayan Gde Dharyata, in the YKI's Eye Treatment Mobile Clinic vehicle.

According to Dharyata, though the main target of the  program was elementary school teachers, but It is fine if some students also want to check their eyes.

Source: The Jakarta Post


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