For the first time gene responsible for blindness in corneal oedema discovered

Recent ground breaking development on eye disease reveals the discovery of genes that is responsible for blindness caused by corneal oedema. This news is supposed to be an important discovery as this will open a door to new treatments for corneal oedema and will also allow to modify the affected genes by means of gene therapy.

The researchers behind this innovative discovery, UGR University of Granada (Spain) and the San Cecilio Teaching Hospital (Granada) for the first time claimed to determine the factors which are responsible for blindness during corneal oedema. The researchers say that new findings prove that in corneal oedema, the blindness results due to the alteration of the cell barrier of corneal endothelium. This breakage may be a result of traumatism, cataract surgery, ageing, etc. If the endothelial cell barrier is unharmed, the cornea remains dehydrated and transparent.

Research work show that corneal oedema can be prevented if the volume and concentration of ions in cells is changed during there make up of endothelial barrier. Which ultimately will prevent the loss of transparency and the resulting blindness. The researchers also say that by controlling some genes which are associated in these processes, blindness can be prevented.



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