FDA Appoval For The iFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser.

The Advanced Medical Optics received the FDA approval for the iFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser. It is claimed to be capable of creating a corneal flap in less than 10 seconds. The laser is designed to create a virtually effortless flap lift. Thus the treatment will be helpful in increasing the biochemical stability of the pro LASIK cornea. This laser technology provides facilities like: higher repetition rate, tighter spot separation, high resolution digital video microscope among the others.

This 5th generation IntraLase femtosecond technology is the outcome of the eight year long study.

“The new iFS™ laser provides the surgeon with the ability to select LASIK flap dimensions customizable to individual refractive errors and corneal anatomy with capabilities such as the elliptical flap option, inverted bevel-in side cut angle, and increased speed,” said Perry S. Binder, MD of the Gordon Binder Weiss Vision Institute in San Diego, California. “This exciting new laser, combined with the iLASIK technology suite, provides the surgeon with the most advanced technologies to give their patients the safest and best outcomes.”

Source: AMO Press Release


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