False laser eye surgeons can snatch your eyesight

A serious warning from The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) to the residents of Somerset and neighboring areas. You may end up losing your vision permanently without any fault of your own.

The system itself is utterly rotten. Wide scale advertisement in media and public places will give you an impression that laser eye surgery involves a safe and secure procedure.Believing every single word of these adgurus you decide to get your eye operated. Now unfortunately if the doc happens to be a good-for-nothing chap with no previous experience, sorry to say you may never be able to read this article again.

Well, the Safety lawyers exactly share the above opinion. Only a registration certificate from the General Medical Council gives a doctor legal permission to conduct laser eye surgery. But do you know that laser eye surgery is one of the toughest and  most complex type of eye operation? It involves a number of risks.

A doctor must be specifically trained and obtain ample experience to conduct such a surgery. Patients must be properly counseled and substantially informed regarding the various aspects of the surgery both before and after the operation to ensure success and precautions.

As the Government is turning blind eyes to its responsibilities, it is the duty of the general public to spread the message and aware others to be extremely careful about this complicated eye surgery.

Remember, eyes not only make you beautiful but also make the world around you look beautiful.



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