Corneal Transplant Could be Revolutionised With a New Technique

Mr Tappin, consultant ophthalmologist at St Peter's Hospital, said, he was the only person to treat diseased corneas by replacing the innermost cells instead of grafting the entire cornea.

Traditional transplants worked by replacing the whole cornea - the layer at the front of the eye - with one from a donor, but recovery took longer.

The new surgery's main benefit is that the eye keeps its original shape. It is a nicer, neater technique which leads to a far faster recovery and better outcomes.

Mr Tappin's technique works by treating the innermost layer of the cornea, where the endothelial cells are found. He has named the process "tencell" which is short for true endothelial cell treatment.

Tencell treats patients with clouded vision, or endothelial dystrophy, by removing diseased cells and replacing them with healthy cells from a donor, instead of removing the bulk of the cornea, only the diseased part is taken, only a small incision is needed, and recovery is a matter of weeks.

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