Eye Surgeon Revolutionizes Corneal Transplant

Dr. Mark Gorovoy, an eye surgeon from south Fort Myers in Florida, is radically changing the way corneal transplants are being done around the world, while cutting down on healing time and reducing the risk of future visual injuries.

He is referred to as one of the top experts in the world on the procedure called deep lamellar endothelial keratoplasty, or DLEK.

Corneal transplant is traditionally done using penetrating keratoplasty where an entire donated cornea is sewn onto a patient's eye after the diseased cornea is removed.

"The problem with the procedure is it gives the patient a clear cornea, but the patient often doesn't see well because of the prolonged need for sutures. Often, they'll need contact lenses."

Additionally, since the cornea is sewn into place and there are sutures around the entire lens, any eye trauma even after several years results in a higher incidence of blindness.

For the last two years, Gorovoy has been slicing off the inside layer of the transplantable cornea, called the endothelium, by adapting and modifying equipment used in Lasik surgery. Instead of using sutures to hold the new cornea in place, Gorovoy pumps a small air bubble into the area, sealing the cornea in place. After a few days, the air bubbles are absorbed and the cornea heals into its new position. Sutures were used in the original incision area, not on the new cornea.

Gorovoy said patients see quickly and many don't need corrective lenses after the transplant.

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  1. susan gaffney Says:

    I recently had a Partial cornea transplant, by a Dr. Mark Terry…Portland , oregon…He is a expert in his field and might I say He is THE BEST in my book…..My vision is WOW,,,I had macular dystrophy , now I can see colors like i never seen them before…..I suffered living in a fog for 20 years or more and finially got the courage to do it……He did the procedure you taled about….if this Dr. Grovovoy Is one of the two top surgens that do this Dr. Mark Terry is the other one…..Yes…and I must say that this is why making donor donations is so very important…I would not be where i am today with out them…..Sue

  2. Janet NElson Says:

    My son had ptosis surgery when he was 2 and 7. At t 7 he had in both eyes. We put the drops in but for some reaosn it wasnt enough and the corea was damaged. (It was the non ptosis eye. He is 28 and now the drying is very extensive ( he refused to believe he would get worse without drops) and he had a new abrasion. He has very little sight in left eye at this time. The doctor is suggesting he have both lids fixed becaseu they odnt do the take the facia from leg any more becasue so many people had these problesm He di not suggest a corneal speicalst . At what point is a patenined with corneal damage not able to benefit. At this point a conctact was not suggested either. HE lives in ILlinois

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