Eye sights are at risk: It’s a warning for British public

A recent research shows that known to be most sensible British people are more anxious about losing a tooth than an eye

According to an stock survey released few days back nearly two thirds, that is 59% of British public are neglecting their eye sights.

The funniest of all is Britishers prefer to care teeth more than their invaluable eyes.

The independent survey[1], commissioned by Transitions Optical, reveals that only 41% of the population go for an eye examination at least every 2 years whilst 81% of Britishers visit the dentist over the same period.

But, when vote is taken about the importance of all the five senses, surprisingly sight was voted by 93% as the most valuable sense, and 65% voted eye when they asked to vote which sense they feared to lose the most.

Only a quarter percentage believe that a eye checkups are only required when there is any eye problem. They don't care about early eye checking and precautions.

Regular eye checks, however, are a must since many eye problems have no obvious symptoms and 50% of vision loss can be prevented with an eye exam.

Rosie Gavzey, Optometrist and Director of The Eyecare Trust, believes that though this research apperetly shows that British people are  more anxious about losing a tooth than an eye, but the outcomes will also help warns them to pay more attention to protect their eyes.

Source: DSA PR


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