Eye Floaters scares you?

All of a sudden you might find one of them while brushing your teeth looking at the brightly illuminated mirror, as if some thread or spot like thing is disturbing the sight, its even there after washing the eye, next day it is still there accompanied by another two or three here and there, they are floaters.

Floaters are like little cobwebs, clouds, spikes or threads that float around in your field of vision. They are small , dark shadowy shapes, sometimes like spots, or threads.

They move as your eye changes the focus, and seems to be gone away when you try to look at them.

When floaters become numerous it is very disturbing, and difficult to avoid, always they are in front of your eyes, but people gradually learn to ignore them. While looking at brighter things, like white back ground or blue sky floaters become prominent.

What are the causes of floaters

  • When the gel like material called vitreous that fills 80% of eye and help the eye to maintain the round shape started shrinking.
  • Aging is a cause that shares maximum chances of floater occurrences.
  • Near sighted people may develop eye floaters.
  • People suffering from diabetes are at a risk to develop eye floaters.
  • After cataract operation.
  • Due to vitreous detachment many floaters can appear suddenly, but mostly this situation is not sight threatening and required no treatment.
  • Retinal detachment indicates a sudden increase of floaters, most of the times along with light flashes or loss of side vision.In this situations contact a eye care professional as soon as possible.

Other possible causes:

Inflammation (uvities),
Retinal tears,
Eye injuries.

Treatment of floaters

Usually no treatment is recommended for people when floaters are not to much disturbing.

A surgical procedure called Vitrectomy is required on rare occasions when floaters are dense and numerous and significantly affect the normal vision.

Vitrectomy removes the vitreous gel, along with its floating debris, from the eye. The vitreous is replaced with a salt solution.

Source: National Eye Institiute


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  1. manish k goswami Says:

    my friend suffering from eye diseases like uvities kindly reply me if there is any treatment for such diseas

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