Expert suggests on the treatment of iridiocyclitis

In an exclusive interview with the NDTV, Dr. Arun Mishra, London based Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, gives some valuable information on the iridiocyclitis. It is a complicated eye disease worldwide.

Dr. Mishra said that Iridocyclitis and uveitis are the same things just different names. Herpes is a virus infection, which usually starts in childhood like cold sores around mouth or lips. In his words, when someone is effected by herpes infection in eye, one would have had corneal ulcer and after healing it has left behind a scar in the cornea, just like anywhere else you get a scar after a cut.

This scar causes your vision to be hazy and also increased sensitivity to light. As the scar is usually superficial and herpes virus remains in it forever, the area is weaker than normal cornea and you must never rub it. Moreover, whenever you get common cold (or run down) this infection will reactivate itself. At this time the eye may become little painful, gritty and more sensitive to light. At this time it may also cause uveitis.

Then he spoke of the treatment part, he said that steroid treatment should not be used in this condition either orally or in in the eye. Both the ulcer and steroid treatment causes bit of drooping of the eyelid (Ptosis) but it will never progress to close the eye completely. Never presume it is conjunctivitis or anything else unless eye specialist proves it and treat it as a recurrence. In India all sorts of doctors who have no knowledge of eye disease, treat it with steroids because it tends to give instant relief not realising its side effects.

Source:Doctor NDTV


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