Early Detection of Deadly Eye Disease Saves Child’s Life

Doctors diagnosed in the Mt. Jewett child was bilateral sporadic retinoblastoma, a condition that caused cancerous tumors in both his eyes. If they had been left untreated or the condition was caught too late, however, specialists believe that Collin could have lost his eyes and likely would have died from the disease by his first birthday.

His parents, Brett and Joyce Alexis, said they will be forever grateful to their pediatrician, Dr. Anil Pradhan in Bradford, for first observing the condition in their child and referring him to specialists. The early diagnoses of Collin allowed several doctors in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to treat the disease in a timely manner before it had time to spread.

Chemotherapy, specialized radiation and laser therapy treatments on the tumors rendered them benign and saved Collin’s eyes, as well as his life.

Mr. and Mrs. Alexis said they hope that by telling Collin’s story other parents will be more observant of the health of their babies’ eyes.

Doctors report that the disease is diagnosed in 300 to 350 children per year nationwide and the reported frequency is one in 18,000 to 30,000 births.

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