Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital is determined to save eyes of villagers

Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital is setting up clinics in remote villages to enable accessibility of quality eye care to villagers and people living in remote areas.

They have planned to built up a city based ophthalmology chain to cover up the village areas. The Rural Outreach Clinics will provide primary eye care facilities including treatment for cataract and refractive disorders and assessment of ailments such as glaucoma, retinal and macular degeneration.

They have already spend Rs 25 Lakhs to open up the first such clinic at Idappadi village in Tamil Nadu’s Salem district. The clinic, being set up in the premises of Karthic Medical Centre at Idappadi, will have two consultants and five paramedical staff, in addition to equipment to detect and treat common eye ailments.

The future plan of the hospital is to have another 100 primary, secondary and tertiary care centers within the year 2010.

Of the 100 clinics, 15 to 20 centres will be schedule to provide primary care facilities. Patients, who need further treatment, will be referred to the nearest secondary care centre of the hospital.

India is proud enough to have orgnisations like Agarwal's Eye Hospital who have taken the enormous but forgotten tasks to help villagers and poor people, we wish they will be successful with their holly effort of saving the precious vision of our feeders - villagers. We also like to invite other big organisations to throw away the invisible "no entry for poor" board, and to come up with the same idea rather than establishing themselves as the worlds biggest eye hospitals as because ministers and renowned personalities are visiting their places.

Source: mydigitalfc.com


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