Developer of LASIK Eye Surgery, Dr. Mani Bhowmik Returns to Indian Roots

The inventor of Excimer Laser, which is responsible for Lasik Surgery today, grew up in a village near the ancient port of Tamluk in West Bengal. He recalls that as a child, famine claimed three million victims in the region. One was his grandmother. "And she actually gave her portion of her food that we got from a relief agency to me in her secret plan to make one life out of two. And to this day, it really boggles my mind how someone could give their best possession in life, their own life, to somebody else." I have attended his lecture in IIT Kharagpur where he recounted this story. And he made a vow never to be poor again.

The Indian-American scientist who helped develop medical laser technology has found inspiration in his native heritage. Physicist Mani Bhaumik earned a fortune from his scientific work in the United States, but found himself returning psychologically to India.

After earning a doctorate at the Indian Institute of Technology, he came to UCLA as a post-doctoral researcher, arriving with just $3 in his pocket. Twenty years later, he owned six hilltop houses and was profiled on the television show "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous." He was dating the Hollywood actress Eva Gabor.

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