Cytogenetic test of eye cancer - it helps correct diagnosis

cytogeneticsHas your doctor recommended cytogenetic test for your eyes after he has diagnosed a tumor in them? Are you unaware about what the study is and what it does? We hope that after reading through this, you will be helped. Take a brief explanation of the study in simple words made easy for you to understand.

The cytogenetic test basically depends upon the fluoroscence technique known as FISH. This technique aims at adding fluorscent tags to the metaphase (a stage in cell division) chromosomes. This helps to study the different genes present in the chromosome and this helps to identify any mutation or anomaly in them.

So clearly in cases of uveitis melanoma or eye cancer, a cytogenetic study can reveal any anomaly formed due to the cancer or it may diagnose a patient to be affected. uveitisIn case of uveitis melanoma it is well known, that it affects the uveal tract namely iris, ciliary body and choroid. With more formation of tumours in the anterior or posterior part of the eye.

This type of test is often referred by the medical practitioners in order to be sure of the genetic nature of the eye cell and whether it has contracted the cancer. But it has been found that many times people were misguided about the fruitful result of this test. Which has given rise to unnecessary confusion among us.


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