Contact Lense Users (about 45 %) Have Quit Wearing Them

A survey found that many people have stopped wearing contacts because of dry or irritated eyes, which can stem from cutting corners in caring for the lenses.

If you’ve ever tried contact lenses, you might be reading this with glasses instead: An online reader survey of some 7,700 corrective-lens wearers, conducted last spring by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, found that 45 percent who tried contacts in the past decade have quit wearing them. And more than one-fourth of current contact users said they now wear them less than they used to.

You can boost your chances of sticking with your contacts by using them properly, which helps prevent infection as well as dryness and irritation, the two most common reasons for giving up contacts. It’s particularly important not to cut corners in cleaning and storing your lenses.

Contact users should see their eye doctor at least annually. If you often wear lenses overnight, consider semiannual checkups. In this survey, 28 percent of contact users said they hadn’t had an eye exam in the past 11 months.



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