Contact Lens Users Increasingly Facing Potentially Blinding Eye Infections

The FDA panel of experts have decided to have a closer look at contact lens safety after watching a sharp rise in a potentially blinding eye infection involving people who wear contact lenses.

Take the instance of Kim Tobin who never sees things in quite the same way again. Tobin's eyesight went from clear to blurry when she got infected with acanthamoeba, a parasite that lives in water. In Tobin's case, she got it when water from a hot tub splashed into her eye. Tobin, a cornea transplant patient, said."It just kind of killed my eye. Did so much damage to my eye."

Doctors said simply getting water in her eyes puts her at risk. Doctors say water contaminated with acanthamoeba can come from lakes, rivers, swimming pools, drinking water and even the shower.

Dr. Kristin Hammersmith, of Wills Eye at Jefferson Hospital, said many patients lose vision, or lose their eye. She said one should never expose eyes to water while wearing contact lens and never wash contact lens in water. Hammersmith recommended a daily throwaway contact lens over other soft contact lenses, as to avoid putting contacts back in a contaminated case or in contaminated solution.



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  1. Boman Bharucha Says:

    All this boils down to the fact that professional contact lens dispensers are not issuing the correct amount of advice on compliance and hygiene. There are numeral instances where the consumer has been given a contact lens trial and the sale registered in one sitting!!!!!! Constant repetations on care and maintainance has to be done during the trial. Written instructions must be provided.

    How much could a patient understand in just one sitting, I fail to understand!!?? Most optical outlets are trying to do quantity sales instead of quality dispensing. 90 % have the fear of losing the patient but these so called professionals, NEVER think of the possibility of the patient losing his/her eye!!!

    I am even shocked at the MNC’s for constantly pressurising optical outlets with targets on sales!! this I feel as a practioner is ridiculous, unethical, and atroscious!!! If CL’s are conidered medical devices how on earth could we do this!!!!???? This is hypocrisy unlimited. On one hand a we attend seminars, conferances and have presentations on compliance, care etc & we come back and do just the opposite!!

    Laws shoould be strigent and fool proof and a few so called professionals should be made clear cut examples and made to pay dearly for their

    A DINSHAW & Co

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