Contact lens for Kids, is it required?

no-eye-glasses-plsNew study says Yes. If you compared with glasses contact lenses boost up child's self image. It helps to change the appearance, friend acceptance, participation in sports and games and up lift self confidence.

Kids who wear glasses feells lonely, they usually have a feelings that they are different, others don't need glasses but without glasses they are completely helpless. In many cases even they were nicknamed by other kids and even not to mention sense less teachers and elders.

Researchers from Ohio State University's College of Optometry includes 484 children aged 8 to 11 in the study, where they  were asked to wear either glasses or contact lenses at random. Over the time of 3 years study found children with contact lenses had significantly higher scores of self-perceived physical appearance, athletic competence and social acceptance. Academic confidence was higher for contact lens wearers who initially disliked wearing glasses.

The study, published in the March issue of Optometry and Vision Science, received funding from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc. and The Vision Care Institute, LLC, a Johnson & Johnson Co.

However, please keep in mind that when your kid is around 10 years old he or she may express a desire to get contact lenses for cosmetic purposes or convenience if they play sports. A child who is allowed to wear contacts should grow his or her ability to insert and remove lenses properly, and must know how and when to take them out or as required, and clean them as recommended by the doctor. Be careful about eye infections, which usually spread through contact lens solutions.

Source:Yahoo News


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  1. Dr. Narendra Kumar Says:

    Yes, contact lenses do provide self esteem to children. However, the illustration should have been of a grown-up child who can take care of the insertion & removal as well as cleaning & disinfection instructions of the doctor.

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