Contact Lens Can Be Disastrous If Not Used Properly

Acanthamoeba Keratitis is a very rare eye infection. It effects the contact lens users. The disease can take place for lack of proper cleaning of lens. Here we can take the case of Warren Cline. This Huntsville based 64-year-old businessman was suffering from the disease a year age.

After 40 years of wearing contact lenses, Warren Cline recently learned that his casualĀ  cleaning practices led to a devastating outcome, the loss of eyesight in his left eye.

"I didn't always use lens solution when cleaning my contacts. I just used regular tap water. I did this off and on for 35 or 40 years,"

admits Cline.

It can be added that contact lens users increase the risk of getting acanthamoeba keratitis by improper cleaning and handling of lenses, showering, swimming and using hot tubs while wearing lenses, and sleeping in contact lenses.

Source: Marshall County Tribune


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  1. candy Says:

    Taking care of contact lenses are really important, because it can affect your corneas and irritate them or something worst than that. I think that when people buy contact lenses they should tell that person the importance of rinse the contact with the correct solution so they can protect their eyes, and make emphasis on telling them that they have to let their eyes breath, not using contact lenses everyday.

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