Computer Users Guide to Healthy Eye

Dr. Wendell P. Wong, medical director and chief of LASIK Surgery at TLC Laser Eye Centers in Torrance, Calif., is renowned for his knowledge in the field of laser vision correction. In addition, his expertise includes the many critical health and safety areas affecting the eyes, including proper eye protection for sports and outdoor use, laser surgery, cataract removal, glaucoma screenings and lens implants. Wong suggests computer users follow these tips if they want to avoid eye strain and fatigue:
[Summarized with my humble commentary]
1. Give your eyes a break if you spend hours in front of a computer.

"Either take a break from the screen or focus on some distant poster, photo or scene that will give your eyes' muscles of accommodation a change of focus."

Personally I try to frequently look outside the screen. While thinking I switch off the monitor or just take a walk outside.

2. Don't forget to blink your eyes!
He suggests that computer users forget to blink and get dry eyes because "we subconsciously feel that at any moment, our computer will crash and we will lose all our work".

I don't think it is a valid observation. However the idea to blink is a great one. Blinking frequently protects you from dry eyes and gives micro-rest.

3. "Many computer screens emit electromagnetic radiation that may prove harmful to your eyes if there is no ambient or background light.
Try to avoid working on your computer in complete darkness or very low light conditions."

BTW: I do not understand why electromagnetic radiations are more harmful without ambient light. Do you?

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