Computer eye syndrome risk increases 8 folds if you are woman over 40

75165726Women over 40 are eight times more likely than men to suffer with dry eyes. But no matter your gender, if you spend a lot of time at the computer the condition can become worse. Thankfully there are some modifications, medications and even surgeries that can help.

"I could tell I wasn't seeing as well as I ought to and my eyes felt strange," says Janice Adams, who was complaining of itchiness, irritation. "They look blood shot and sometimes I look like I've got pink eye shadow on all the time."

Janice is a classic dry eye sufferer. She's female, over 40 and spends 70% of her workday at a computer. With the computer element, Dr. Asim Piracha says the combination of the two is the worst combination you can have.

Dr. Piracha is talking about dry eyes and Computer Vision Syndrome, or CVS, which can also cause eye strain and headaches. The two conditions don't always exist together, but often do said Dr. Piracha.

At the John-Kenyon American Eye Institute, Dr. Piracha says they are seeing an increase in the treatment of patients and points to the heavy reliance on computers as a significant reason. While artificial tears and prescription drops can help, for severe dry eyes like those of Janice surgery is option.

"We can also do procedure like plugs in the eye lids, even cautery in opening of the eyelids to keep the tears in the eyes longer," explains Dr. Piracha.

After four years of suffering, Janice is hopeful her cautery surgery in March is the fix or at least some big relief. "I think that is has" she says, they're not cured but, "my eyes are feeling better."

According to Dr. Piracha, dry eye is not always an easy fix, and the condition is not curable. But with newer therapies patients can see drastic improvements.

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