Computer eye syndrome is alarming: beware geeks

12904-clipart-picture-of-a-frustrated-desktop-computer-mascot-cartoon-characterComputer eye syndrome is something very common to most of us who have to work in front of the computers for several hours, at a stretch. We can't keep out ourselves away from computers, at this recession market, as it might make loose our jobs. But can we put our eyes at stake?

Recently in a survey conducted in US it was seen that 80% of the population is affected from eye condition/ diseases. And in another survey it has been seen that about 90% of the population works about 6 hours on an average at a stretch. Can you draw a relationship?

We are sure you have. Computer eye syndrome is the prime cause leading to several eye conditions like farsightedness, shortsightedness, astigmatism, glaucoma, eye stress and we don't know what to end with. Yes in case of eye problems, there is only one destination, that is loss of vision. So its your choice what you want to loose your job or vision?

imagesWe think the later is more of worth to you but on the other hand you can't go jobless. So here are soe suggestions for you to relax your eyes and tips to combat the complexities resulting from long hour computer works.

  • See specific recommendations for laptop computers
  • Breaks are important! Short, frequent breaks are better than longer, less frequent breaks. Try 2-3 minutes every 15-20 minutes, 5 minutes every 30 minutes, or 10 minutes every hour.
  • Do eye exercises and acupressure massage points every hour on the computer - we have a free eye exercise e-booklet, but also have now published a comprehensive book on healing your eyes naturally, which includes exercises, massage, etc.
  • Set up your computer correctly. The proper viewing distance is 20-24 inches. The correct viewing angle is 10 to 20 degrees from the midscreen to the top of the screen.
  • j04221962 Use a good monitor. Usually the higher the resolution (the more pixels) the better. Monochrome displays usually have better resolution than color. For color computermonitors, look for smaller dots per inch (less than .28mm). Higher refresh rates (flicker speeds) are preferred, at least 70 Hz. Make sure the monitor has a high enough illumination to match the surroundings (be aware that antireflection screens reduce illumination).
  • Use proper posture. This includes a tucked in chin, slight curve at the neck rather than a forward head and neck, a straight upper back with only a slight roundedness, and hollow in the low back.
  • Make sure overall illumination of the room is no more than three times brighter than the screen
  • Adjust screen brightness and contrast properly.
  • Use a desk lamp if possible instead of an overhead light.
  • Control glare from overhead lights and uncurtained windows. Use an anti-glare screen, or move your terminal to an area of limited glare.
  • Keep your wrists relatively straight while typing to avoid carpel tunnel syndrome. Wrist support pads can be very helpful.
  • If you work in a cubicle, try to give it a feeling of more expansiveness by, for example, placing a mirror on one of the walls to create the illusion of more space.
  • Children are advised to reduce their gaming hours. And the parents should take care of it.
  • Perform regular eye relaxation exercise before sleep and make sure to take a minimum of 6 hour sleep.
  • It has been found that Lutein is a very good medication that can be taken to lower the eye complexities. It has been found to reduce the eye stress to about 54%. Presently lutein applied along with astaxanthin has given much more effective results.

    aeron-chairNow here is a point to be discussed that what is the real cause of the symptoms that  people often develop after long hours of computer work. Computer eye syndrome is not a disease all alone, but it leads to certain diseases and eye conditions. And we can either treat the disease when contracted or may take precaution against the syndrome.

    The guideline mentioned above will surely help you a bit since following all might be a certain difficulty in many cases. But we can assure you that you will certainly enjoy working with your computer if your eyes and body feels better. And in that case you may expect a promotion in your job too in this recession market!


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