Cataract surgery easy as ABC at Conquest

Cataract surgery is a popular and one of the most sought after eye treatments of the world. Often it takes some times and some procedures to follow. But life at the Conquest Hospital is far from all these. Because cataract surgery is a easy process there.

Take the case of Fairlight resident John Charrot who under went the surgery. This 87 year old man had one removed in his left eye and was impressed with the speed and efficiency of the procedure.

The cataract procedure takes around 45 minutes and uses a special ultra-sound machine which breaks up the cataract. A new artificial lens in then inserted in the space left by the removal of the old lens. Most procedures are carried out under local anaesthetic, although more difficult cases may require a general anaesthetic.Patients usually wear their own clothes for the procedure and are allowed to eat and drink prior to surgery. A specialist Ophthalmic Day Unit at the Conquest deals with patients who require eye surgery.

Source: Observer


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