Carl Zeiss Meditec focuses on innovative technologies for various eye treatment

Carl Zeiss Meditec AG is the leading medical company in the world. One of the primary areas of its activity is: In the field of ophthalmology Carl Zeiss Meditec offers integrated solutions for treating the four main eye diseases: vision defects (refraction), cataracts, glaucoma and retinal disorders. The company's system solutions are employed in all phases of the disease management, from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up. Carl Zeiss Meditec has always applied its technological expertise to product innovations.

Its various innovations, range from basic systems such as slit lamps and fundus cameras to standard setting diagnostic systems such as the Humphrey® Field Analyzer, the Cirrus(TM) HD-OCT and the IOLMaster®, through to the surgical microscopes and innovative treatment systems in refractive laser surgery. The product portfolio in ophthalmic surgery is rounded off by intraocular lenses and consumables. In the field of neuro and ENT surgery, Carl Zeiss Meditec is the world's leading provider of surgical microscopes and microsurgical visualisation solutions for a very broad range of applications, such as tumor and vascular surgery in the head region and/or spinal surgery.

Carl Zeiss Meditec at an occasion, announced its progress stories so far and also also its future plans. Michael Kaschke, President and CEO of Carl Zeiss Meditec,, said that the company has achieved remarkable growth in last few years.

Also they are now looking forward to maximising the dynamic innovative force which forms the basis of their strong reputation by harnessing the synergies of the extended company. Together with physicians they are pressing ahead with rapid developments in surgical ophthalmology. They will be taking a further step into the future for our customers with first-rate new products which fit seamlessly into our integrated range of solutions.

Numerous wetlabs and scientific workshops will be serving as discussion forums alongside the innovation symposium. There will be demonstration operations performed by leading surgeons which can be monitored live on screens. In its "Meet the Experts" series, internationally recognised specialists will be reporting on their experience with Carl Zeiss Meditec products. The latest generations of intraocular lenses (IOLs) are just some of the new products. The OPMI Lumera is a surgical microscope which was developed specifically for ophthalmic surgery. Ever since its launch it has received an overwhelmingly positive response from specialists.

Thanks to its patented SCI(TM) technology, high-contrast details in the eye can now be discerned with an unprecedented depth of field. Physicians receive further workflow support in the OR in the form of an information and documentation system specially developed for eye surgery. This is about to receive its European launch at the ESCRS.



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