Canaloplasty: New Procedure To Treat Glaucoma

Kathy Coffman was diagnosed with glaucoma in her 20's. Medicine stopped working for her. But now , she visualizes a bright future for her. Thanks to Canaloplasty, she has experienced an improved vision.

Canaloplasty, is the new treatment that is taking the place of traditional surgery. Traditional surgery is more like a bypass, whereas Canaloplasty is like angioplasty for the eye. In this procedure, a catheter in inserted in the eye's natural drainage channel to widen it and relieve the pressure. Canaloplasty is a relatively new procedure that helps the natural drainage system of the eye to work better.

Dr. Thomas Samuelson, an eye surgeon with Minnesota Eye Consultants says, it has fewer side effects and is a less invasive procedure than traditional procedure. He however, says that Canaloplasty typically works best for younger patients whose disease is not that advanced.

Source: KARE11


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