Bhubaneswar to be having a training centre for microsurgery in eye

photo435Soon the city-based LV Prasad Eye Institute will have a training programme dedicated to the post-graduate medical students of Orissa and neighbouring states on skill development so that the students can update themselves with the ever-expanding field of microsurgery in eye .

The training programme to be imparted through wet laboratories (wet-labs) will play a major role in imparting basic knowledge of hand-eye-coordination for ophthalmologists and optometrists before they actually see patients. The wet-lab experience will not only enhance their confidence-level, but also help in minimising human error factor while dealing with real-life patients later.

According to Dr Sujata Das, Head Cornea and Anterior Segment Service and Education Centre of the hospital, while the wet-lab training is patient and pressure-free, time convenient and provides an environment suitable for learning and team-building opportunities, the state-of-the art equipment will enable the learners to have flexible programmes, ability to experiment and learn from mistakes, video recording/playback/review and immediate feedback.

While learning time management techniques will be through `time compression’ modules of the wet-lab, learners will also have post-procedure reviews, she said adding while the hospital has already been recognised for providing training in cataract surgery, medical retina and vitreo-retinal surgery by the Government of India, it now aims to position itself as one of the leading centres in the Asia-Pacific region to provide all-levels of education in key areas of eye care and vision sciences.

The current facilities in the wet-lab include basic examination techniques, retinal laser, phaco surgery and advanced process like posterior vitrectomy involving procedures of vitreo-retinal surgery with the state-of-the-art `vitrectomy simulator’.

`Development of human resources in eye care is an important part of the LVPEI mission and its education programmes address key components like opthalmology, optometry, community eye care, research, nursing and hospital administration. Currently, LVPEI Bhubaneswar accepts students for one-year optometry internship, four-year B.Sc. (Optometry) and three-year comprehensive optometry fellowship programme in addition to several short-term courses in super specialty eye care’’, she informed.


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