Beware of Computer Vision Syndrome

How bad it is to stare at the computer screen- according to Dr Amar Agarwal, extensive use of computers reduces the blinking rate of the person. Due to this, the water flow across the eyes reduces drastically and leads to dryness of the eye that causes the syndrome.

According to Dr Agarwal, nearly 95 per cent of the people, aged between 18 and 30, are at the risk of being affected by the computer vision syndrome if they spend a lot of time before the computer. He further said that one should not sit in front of the computer continuously, but take a break every one hour.

While speaking about the symptoms of the disorder, he said that continuous tear flow, photo phobia (sensitivity to light) were the prominent ones. He added that people in mining industries also suffered from eye diseases due to long hours of exposure to dust and pollution, and foreign bodies settling in their eyes.

Dr Dimple of Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospital, said that lubricants, yoga for eyes, eye drops and special anti-glare glasses had been prescribed for the affected persons.

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