Beware: FDA approved eyelas-enhancing drug have side effects

For those still waiting for an eyelash-enhancing drug to be approved, there's a welcome news.

In a recent study by FDA (Food and Drugs Administration), Botox maker Allergan Inc had deviced  bimatoprost - drugs for increasing length, thickness and darkness of eyelashes which was awaiting an approval.

With announcement of the approval, Allergan Inc. is all set to woo those looking for enticing eyelashes. The  new drug has been nomenclatured as Latisse, with  bimatoprost as its primary ingredient. However, the drugs would be available only through doctor's prescription. Latisse claims to deliver effects within six to eight weeks and would take 16 weeks to show up fully grown eyelashes. 

The matter of concern is that the drugs accompanies several negative effects, some of which are included in the warnings. For instance, the medication is not advised for the lower lids or any other parts of the  body, as this can result in growth of hair in those parts. Moreover, the company also informs that all the eyelashes would'nt grow in the same fashion.

It was found that nearly 4 % of the users using Latisse suffer from side effects like redness of eye and/or an itching sensation in the eye. Some of the other lesser known side-effects of Latisse include dryness of the eyes, skin darkening, and redness of the eyelids.

Adding to the frenzy, there are a number of serious eye complications that comes to fore. Users of Latisse may eye infection or trauma including change in vision or eye reactions (eyelid reactions and conjunctivitis). In such a condition, the user is advised to discontinue the use of Latisse or consult a doctor.


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