Bahrain for the second time in grip of contagious eye flu

Latest news shows that Bahrain, the island country in the Persian Gulf is once again in the grip of contagious summer eye infection that is caused due to viral conjunctivitis (eye flu). This news has been confirmed by the Salmaniya medical Complex (SMC) doctors, saying that within five months this is the second time when the country is facing such an alert on eye flu.

With the increase in hot and humid weather, the numbers of patients with viral conjunctivitis (eye flu) usually goes up but that usually happens in the months of July and August. This is the first time when the country has faced the problem in the month of April and now in September. This happens mainly due to the peoples that flock to swimming pools across the country with following no simple hygiene rules during entering and exiting the pools, says Accident and Emergency Department chief resident Dr P V Cheriyan.

Viral conjunctivitis is an inflammation of conjunctivae, which are the mucous membranes covering the white of the eyes and the inner side of the eyelids. It usually affects both the eyes at same time, although it may start in one eye and spread to the other in a day or two.

Treatment depends on the cause, but more often it is treated with mild antibiotics and eye drops. It is not serious, but can be uncomfortable and irritating, and is highly contagious. The infection is also caused by airborne respiratory droplets or caught by direct transfer from the fingers to the surface of the eyelids. And so often patients are suggested to stay at home from work until there's absolutely no discharge. They should also not even share utensils, glasses, linen or wash clothes with others.



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