Australian Doctors to Offer Free Cataract Operations for Poor People of Viet Nam

A 40-member medical team from Australia, including 22 Viet kieu (Overseas Vietnamese), has arrived in Viet Nam to perform free eye operations for poor disadvantaged rural people.

The Australian consul general in HCM City, Mal Skelly, said in a press release that the team would spend a week screening more than 700 people in Binh Phuoc and Quang Tri provinces before selecting some 600 for cataract surgery under a project called "Viet Nam Vision".

The visitors are not only contributing their services free of charge but are also footing their own travel and accommodation bills.

Australian health professionals have made two previous trips under the project, each time treating a few hundred patients.

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  2. Dr. Phuoc Vo Says:

    I am glad to see that the project I lead was publish in your blog. I am a medical practitioner and did not know much about publishing on web.
    From 2003, Vietnam Vision Project has operated more than 2000 cataracts in many provinces in Vietnam.

    Our project using the skills and technology and equipments from Australia to help the poor people in rural Vietnam. All volunteers contributed their services free of charge.
    This year we aim to operate 400 cataracts in June 2008 in the Central Highland of Vietnam. We also hope that we will carry on the work in Cambodia after completing Vietnam trip.

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