Glass free life is possible; says Aston scientist

An Aston University researcher, Optometrist Professor James Wolffsohn claims to have found out a new type of eye surgery to offer perfect vision.

The surgery named Bionic surgery which is also claimed to prevent the cataracts, will be available within next 5 to 10 years. The surgery promises treatment of both long and shortsightedness. Laser surgery, which has become more popular recently, can fix vision in those with short or long sighted problems by altering the shape of the lens, but as the patient gets older they can still develop long-sighted problems as their biological lens ages.

The new lens, attached to the muscles, would be more flexible to allow the muscle to push it into a different shape so people could focus at different distances without using glasses.

Prof Wolffsohn said,

"This is not as clever as a natural eye - there's still a significant way to go with engineering to mimic the natural eye. But this is better than what you have after a cataract operation."

Source: skynews


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