Are LASIK patients safe at night?

Night vision is a very common problem in patients post LASIK surgery. This is a very genuine problem as their livelihoods depend upon a lot of nighttime activity, particularly driving. Fortunately, improved LASIK technology and refined surgical techniques have come a long way in eliminating most post-surgical night vision complications.

Today’s technology allows eye doctors to create what is called a “blend zone” around the laser treatment site. The ability to create and manipulate this blend zone allows a skilled eye doctor to greatly reduce or eliminate night vision problems.

In order to avoid post-LASIK night vision problems, it is crucial that your eye doctor has the most up-to-date excimer laser technology. At Susskind & Almallah Eye Associates we not only have the technology, we also have the experience necessary to make sure your risk of post-LASIK night vision problems is minimized.

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