American ophthalmologist performed free cataract surgeries in Vietnam

As soon as he left Vietnam, he wanted to go back again. This was the feelings of Dr. Robert Clark, an ophthalmologist with offices at the Woodland Health Center west of Brighton, after returning back from Vietnam trip.

This different breed American ophthalmologist have started again a war in Vietnam, with ophthalmic surgical instruments to eliminate blindness.

Clark became highly motivated with the idea of helping people in a Third World nation ravaged by decades of war, first with the colonial French and later between the U.S. and North Vietnamese.

He arrived on March 21 with wife Debbie and four cases of medical equipment at Hue Central Hospital, and performed 119 operations as team leader and the only non-Vietnamese physician. Ninety percent of the patients were found  blind because of cataracts.

Apart from hectic operation schedule he also manage some time to lecture on different techniques for cataract removal and how Lasik surgery is performed.

The doctors pay their own way, including airfares, accommodations and other expenses, and poor Vietnamese  were so much thankful that in return they would just chase them and pull them down to say thanks in English.

Debbie Clark, admits that they didn't expect such warmth and intense desire to please.
There is no resentment against Americans from the Vietnam War. They love Americans, says Dr. Clark.

Surgical Eye Expeditions, or SEE, the non profit organisation who arranged the trip admits that

or SEE, the non profit organisation who arranged the trip admits that the entire thing works smoothly with the volunteer work by people like Dr. Clark and others who actually restore sight of poor Vietnamese through their donations.



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