Alternative To LASIK For Vision Correction

corneaAccording to the network news report , after reports of unsuccessful surgical outcome of Lasik Surgery and subsequent warnings given by FDA on LASIK surgery, many patients are fearing and hesitating to undergo LASIK surgery for the treatment of eye disease. Realizing that, many of the Optometrists of America, are considering of other alternatives that has been invented to reshape cornea of the eye.

"Vision correction surgery can be a great option for many patients, and millions of people are satisfied with the results," said Dr. Craig Hoeft, OD, of the California Optometric Association. "But for those who are concerned and want to wait until the FDA has more findings about Lasik and Vision ICL, a newer surgical option, there are several nonsurgical options that provide significant results and are easy, comfortable and safe for many, many patients."

Silicone hydrogel soft contact lens is one of the major alternative to LASIK surgery. These lenses are super permeable and can be worn for 30 consecutive days without removal.

Another alternative is Corneal reshaping technology. This is also a non surgical procedure. It reshapes the cornea overnight with specially designed oxygen permeable therapeutic contact lenses that are inserted into the eye before going to bed and removed in the morning.

There is yet another alternative - rigid gas permeable lenses (GP) or oxygen permeable contact lenses. These are rigid lenses made of firm, durable plastic that transmits oxygen into the eye. GP contact lenses are rigid, but they shouldn't be confused with old-style "hard" contact lenses, which are now obsolete. GPs transmit more oxygen to the eye than do traditional soft contact lenses (although some newer silicone hydrogel soft lenses are comparable to GPs in oxygen transmission).

Gas permeable contact lenses can also provide better vision, durability, and deposit resistance than soft contact lenses. They can be easier to clean, and since they're long-lasting, they can be less expensive in the long term than soft lenses.
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