Advanced Surface Ablation is More Effective than LASIK in Post Keratoplasty Patients

According to a study done by Michael A.Lawless, MB MB, BS, FRACO, FRACS, FRCOphth, Advanced Surface Ablation with Mitomycin-C is more superior and effective than LASIK in the eyes of post- Keratoplasty(PK) patients.Advanced-Surface-AblationLASIK

The study was done for 3 months involving 44 eyes of 16 female patients and 26 male patients. These patients have previously undergone surface ablation using two excimer lasers by the doctors, Dr. Lawless and two colleagues, Gerard L. Sutton, MB, BS, FRACO, FRACS, and Christopher M. Rogers, MB, BS, FRACO, FRACS. They used lasers having LADARVision 4000 and LADAR6000 platforms (Alcon) in 29 cases and Allgretto (wavelight) in 15 cases. Moreover they applied MMC 0.02% with an 8-mm corneal sponge for an average of 35.45 seconds.

Before the operation, patients had a mean sphere of -1.41 D, -4.93 D cylinder, –4.22 D spherical equivalent, 46.42 D average K value and 6.27 D central corneal thickness cylinder. After 3 months, mean sphere was improved to –0.64 D and cylinder was –2.26 D. Average K value was 44.28 D and after 3 months central corneal thickness cylinder was 4.85 D.

Dr Lawless compared these results with his study on LASIK that was evaluated to treat myopia and astigmatism after PK, which was published in the British Journal of Opthalmology.

They found that the results with surface ablation is far more superior than that of the results found on LASIK.

"If you go to 3 months … there is a statistically significant difference. [Advanced surface laser ablation] patients were statistically better than LASIK patients in spherical equivalent and refractive astigmatism," he said.



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