A life without glasses

Since its inception some 17 years ago, the LASIK surgery has come a long way and experienced a lot changes. It has opened many doors to those who were once told that better vision through LASIK surgery was not an option for them. A comprehensive refractive surgeon can perform all aspects of vision correction including cornea remodeling and cataract surgery.

Dr. Daniel Goldberg of the Atlantic Laser Vision Center is pleased to educate consumers who have been turned down for LASIK that seeing without eyeglasses is possible. New Jersey residents who are not candidates for LASIK vision correction are encouraged to visit the office of Dr. Daniel Goldberg, a Comprehensive Refractive Surgeon who is also is one of the top corneal and cataract surgeons in New Jersey.

Dr. Daniel Goldberg specializes in comprehensive refractive surgery including LASIK eye surgery and refractive intraocular lens and cataract surgery.He recently became the first New Jersey eye surgeon to use the implantable contact lens (ICL) - a new technology to correct nearsightedness in individuals with extremely high prescriptions.

A Comprehensive Refractive Surgeon has skilled expertise in advanced Cataract and Corneal surgery and can offer alternative solutions for vision correction when LASIK has been ruled out. Vision correction through refractive surgery can be achieved through:

Laser Vision Correction
• Refractive Cataract Surgery
• Implantable Contact Lens (Visian ICL)
• Multifocal and Accommodating IOLs (ReStor and Crystalens)
• Monovision with IOLs or Laser Vision Correction
• Advanced Astigmatism Options (Toric IOLs and Corneal Relaxing Incisions)
• INTACS for Keratoconus

Want to live a life without glasses? You can read the book written by the famous eye specialist Ophthalmologist Dr. M S Agarwal, Director and Principal of Dr. Agarwal's Eye Institute in New Delhi.

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