5 best tips for healthy aging eye

EyeIn an auspicious occasion of "Save your sight month" which is in September, Indiana Academy of Ophthalmology in partnership with EyeCare America, is offering 5 best tips for healthy aging eye.

These tips are specially designed for the people who are US legal residents, having age more than 65, have not seen an ophthalmologist in more than three years and do not belong to HMO or the VA.

The five tips are:-

# Intake of vitamin A enriched food- Vitamin A is great for eyes and helps to maintain healthy vision. So consumption of food which is enriched with vitamin A like carrots, yams and dark leafy green vegetables improves the eye sight.
# Regular eye check up- Regular eye checkups helps in early diagnosis of a disease. Which in turn helps in better treatment of the disease.
# Family history of eye disease- Family histrory of eye disease increases the chance of developing eye disease. So the persons having family history of eye disease should be more careful.
# Protection of eye from sun- Overexposure to the sun's rays can lead to cataracts. Your sunglasses should have UVA and UVB protection.
# Keeping eyes well lubricated- Gradually aging normally decreases the production of tears in the eyes causing dry eyes. These can be prevented using humidifier, wearing wrap-around glasses and avoiding overly ward, dry rooms, hair dryers, wind and smoke.

So these tips can prevent aged people from getting eye disease and thus leading a normal and safe life.

Indiana Academy of Ophthalmology is an organization which encourages the senior persons to call EyeCare America Seniors EyeCare Program. This program offers eye exams and up to one year of medical care and/or surgical care at no out-of-pocket cost for seniors who are without an ophthalmologist (a medical eye doctor).

Eyecare America is a non profit organization founded by American Academy of Opthalmology. It has served many under reserved communities by providing eye exams and eye health information free. It has a record of serving 9,095 Indiana based people.

Source: https://www.county29.net/


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