30,000 Cataract Patients Regain Eyesight In Southwest China

The "Sight First China Action" program has helped more than 30,000 cataract patients regain eyesight in southwest China's Guizhou province, and training medical workers at grassroots level, said an official with the "Sight First China Action" program on Monday.

There are about 92,000 cataract patients in Guizhou province, with more than 9,000 cases diagnosed annually. Backward medical conditions and poverty are blamed for the high number of cases.

Since the second phase of the "Sight First China Action", implemented from July 1, 2002, 30,238 operations on cataract patients were completed by December, 2005.

"Sight First China Action", launched by the Chinese government and Lions Club International, aims to help cataract patients regain their eyesight. The program has two phases, each lasting five years.

Link [news.xinhuanet.com/english/2006-03/06/content_4265237.htm]


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  1. Andrei Says:

    Although I don’t have a cataract thank god, I’ve fully restored my eyesight (from -4.75) with eye exercises. Pretty cool! And my granddad does have cataract and glaucoma, and I;ve actually motivated him to start following my footsteps to restore his eyeisght as well, and, although is condition is a lot worse than mine was (I just had myopia), he’s well on his way already. Helathy diet, honey etc. + eye exercises. Here’s what he told be about honey… Sugar can easily be replaced by honey as well…

    There are different types of it, and here’s what makes honey good:

    Diostase level - the higher the better. 50 + is very good, 10 - poor (this is what most honey you’l see in your shop today is)

    Sucrose level - the less, the better (you get some artificial sugar added sometimes to add weight etc - watch that!)

    Moisture level - the less moisture a honey has, then better. It’s something to do with it’s age.

    Other things to think about if you care about your health:
    - replace white rise with borwn
    - replace whilte bread with brown
    - no solt
    - cut down or elliminate ocnsumption of milk, as your body abd bones only need it mostly when youre still growing

    Poll Bregg is the guy to invetigate for healthy food.

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