Eye care and eye wear will keep your game perfect

yuvraj_singhThere is a rising concern among the ophthalmologists lately is that about eye injury. If you are a sportsperson we are sure that you must know that you are in the danger zone.

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Lasik treatment there to free your eyes from glasses

bennyspectacle050530aLasik eye surgery has become a viable alternative to contact lenses and glasses for young adults. It gives them a chance to experience near-perfect vision without the hassle of contact lenses and glasses.

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“Right to see the world” - claimed Indian ex- President Kalam

kalamDo you ever considered this fact that people must have the right to avail all the health facilities available in the country? When it comes to eye care the concern is much bigger. Here is a piece which shows our very popular ex-President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam fights for the cause.

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Popular dietary supplement may help prevent cataract

cataractLONDON - Evidence from tissue culture experiments show that popular dietary supplement carnosine may help prevent and treat cataracts, which is a leading cause of vision loss worldwide.

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Corneal arcus is prevalent among diabetics

images-image_popup-ans7_arcus_senilisAn eye condition picked up in annual eye exams can aid early identification of a variety of other health conditions, according to a new study released by VSP

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Eye condition treatment moving towards an “E” generation

solomoncoverAdvocates hope that electronic medical records become synonymous with health care efficiency, safety, improved patient care and reduced costs. However, questions remain regarding issues such as universal standards, security and systems that are specifically geared toward ophthalmology practices.

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Deep sclerectomy in combination with cataract surgery cures glaucoma

kremer zaccheiA study tells that majority of glaucoma patients who received combined deep sclerectomy and cataract surgery maintained a lower IOP at nearly 10 years follow-up with a minimum number of complications.

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Computer eye syndrome risk increases 8 folds if you are woman over 40

75165726Women over 40 are eight times more likely than men to suffer with dry eyes.┬áBut no matter your gender, if you spend a lot of time at the computer the condition can become worse.┬áThankfully there are some modifications, medications and even surgeries that can help. Full article »

How much your employer pays for your eye care?

employer_groupsUnder half of UK employees who work with computers are making use of their eye care entitlement in approximately two thirds of UK workplaces according to new research conducted by Specsavers Corporate Eyecare department.

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Bhubaneswar to be having a training centre for microsurgery in eye

photo435Soon the city-based LV Prasad Eye Institute will have a training programme dedicated to the post-graduate medical students of Orissa and neighbouring states on skill development so that the students can update themselves with the ever-expanding field of microsurgery in eye .

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