Is cataract surgery insured?

Often patients are confused whether cataract surgery is covered by their health insurance policy? It's a relief for them to know that most of the health insurance polices cover cataract and implant surgery, as it is a medical condition that has to be treated.

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New Glaucoma treatment help avoid delays in surgery

Patients of open-angle glaucoma, secondary glaucoma, and preoperatively acute angle-closure glaucoma are no longer required to suffer from surgery delays due to high intraocular pressure(IOP). Diamox, X-GEN Pharmaceuticals has devised a new adjunctive treatment for lowering IOP. Full article »

Beware: FDA approved eyelas-enhancing drug have side effects

For those still waiting for an eyelash-enhancing drug to be approved, there's a welcome news.

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Did you know that smoking can make you blind?

This is for those obsessive smokers, for whom the statutory warning does little to hike the apprehensions. Do you know smoking can lead you to complete loss of vision.

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California researchers prefer artificial retina over stem cell therapy

A group of California University researchers claimed to have developed a new artificial retina to treat major eye diseases like macular degeneration at the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), in San Francisco this week. This 60-pixel retina is claimed to be more realistic future treatment then the stem cell therapy. The team of the researchers are however, gunning for a system with a resolution of 1000 pixels.

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$1 adjustable liquid eye glasses for world poorest by 2020

Believe me, it is not a politicians false assurance, it's a real lifes tory.Thinking and doing at a time. Professor of physics Josh Silver is on his quest to make the world's poor could see better.

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Why pregnant women should not go for Lasik surgery?

Lasik is one of the most popular eye surgeries worldwide. The treatment in many cases promises a life free from glasses and lenses.

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High rate of diabetes growth adds risks of related eye disease

As diabetes is taking the shape of next epidemic, the number of patients suffering from diabetes-diabetes related eye problems, are also increasing. Recent researches have found the number of diabetes related diseases like retinal disease, glaucoma and with cataracts is estimated to increase significantly by 2050, according to a new report.

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New easier procedure for glaucoma treatment

Dr. Nalini Madiwale, an ophthalmologist with Albany-Troy Cataract & Laser Associates, claimed to have found a new type of treatment for glaucoma called canaloplasty. In the process, doctors make the internal drainage canal wide by passing a fiber-optic tube through it, like a stent, and injecting a soft gel substance in it to reopen the system without creating an artificial pathway.

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Ophthalmologist faces lawsuit for alleged malpractice

A civil lawsuit was brought against a Hudson ophthalmologist, Dr. Anthony Novak, for malpractice. The lawsuit was filed by Charles J. May last month.

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